Rеpоrtеr Quеstiоns Why Pеncе Lеft Тhе NFL Gаmе, Sаrаh Sаndеrs’ Аnswеr Sеnds Chills Dоwn Тhеir Spinе

As has been reported for about a month now, the NFL continues its hurtful and disrespectful attacks on the flag. Their fans have made it clear that they are not okay with this in any way. And yet, as of now, the league has done nothing to put these protests to an end. The worst part about this is the fact that the actual kneeling is doing nothing to help their cause. In fact, most would argue that it is doing more to divide us than it is to bring us together. But they do not care about that, they never have.

And on the subject of the NFL, Vice President Mike Pence might come to mind. He gained headlines this weekend when he very respectfully got up, and left an NFL game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers. Every player for the Colts stood while the anthem was being played.

However, that could not be said about the 49ers. Several players knelt in disrespect while it was being played. Therefore, Mike Pence had no choice but to leave the game. He would not sit there are watch the disrespect.

For his part, President Trump applauded Pence for his actions.

As you can probably imagine, there were lots of questions about his motives. And who better to field those questions than White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

One reporter questioned his motives asking,

“Is it appropriate for the vice president of the United States to spend taxpayer money to go to a football game where he’s going to walk out if players take a knee, knowing he would be taking that action?”

Her response instantly shut the question down.

“I think it’s appropriate. The vice president was invited. He attended that game. I think it’s always appropriate for the leaders of our country to stand up for the national anthem, to stand up for our flag, and to stand up for the men and women who fought and died for it.”

Sarah Sanders knows how to shut down the hate. And she did it once again here. What do you think of her answer?