МcCаin Prаisеs Gеorgе W. Bush Fоr His Аnti-Тrump Cоmmеnts – Immеdiаtеly Gеts Whаt Hе Dеsеrvеs

Former President George Bush made headlines this Thursday, when during his public speech he went on to indirectly call out President Donald Trump and his supporters, unloading harsh words at them by saying they were weakening in support for democracy. The former president threw his accusations and blame, claiming that nativism, white supremacy as well as bigotry have been on the rise since President Trumps brand of populism had galvanized hate groups for “deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts.” And now, Arizona Senator John McCain has publicly endorsed his words.

McCain took it to Twitter to explain how the tweet of his “friend” had reminded him of the values that made America a beacon of hope for everyone.

This is not the first time that McCain has openly turned his back against the president and support people who work against him, as for two times in a row, he voted against the years-long efforts of the GOP members to put an end once and for all, by repealing and replacing Obamacare.

And since that is no secret, it is clear that the conservative supporters of President Donald Trump already feel quite outraged with him constantly betraying the Republicans, and as a result, they stormed social media websites, ripping the Arizona senator to shreds with criticism:



And while Bush and his criticism are another story, maybe McCain after this will actually rethink him being a Republican when he actually appeals far more to the Democrats with his most recent decisions and stance when it comes to Donald Trump.