Purе Clаss! Lооk Whаt Меlаniа Јust Did Тhаt Will Рiss Оff Еvеry Libеrаl

First Lady Melania Trump has just delivered her remarks at a ceremony, but it wasn’t her powerful speech which shook the people in attendance as well as the press attending the event, it was in fact, her charitable act. Details reveal that the FLOTUS decided to donate her Inaugural Gown to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History this Friday.

Melania kicked off her speech thanking the staff and everyone who collaborated with the museum, for everything they have done for our nation’s history. She then went on to say, “It can be a daunting task to choose an outfit that will be mesmerize.”

The first lady proceeded by explaining how she hoped that the gorgeous dress, which is a vanilla silk, off-the-shoulder couture piece created by the French-born designer Herve Pierre, would be “one of many great beginnings to our family’s history here in Washington D.C.”

Melania also showed her gratitude to the French designer, explaining how while she was the one standing on the stage, she still wanted to “take a moment to introduce you to the person behind my gorgeous couture piece,” calling Herve a “true artist and a real professional.”

After everything else was all set end done, Melania talked about the entire story of how the idea for the dress came to be, before moving on to explain how she loved the time spent in the White House. As soon as she concluded her three-minute speech, Melania couldn’t help but steal the attention of the paparazzi and posed for a few pictures with the museum’s brass and Pierre next to the gown.