Pеtе Hеgsеth Brilliаntly Dеstrоys Cо-Hоst Whо Маkеs Nаsty Аttаck Аgаinst Тrump Оn Аir

Watch Pete Hegseth lecturing nasty liberal loudmouths. The leftists NEVER learned their lesson. Their little insults and provocations are sometimes too much to swallow. FOX Bussiness is once again the ‘battlefield’ for conservatives and leftists. Pete Hegseth was the hero and he taught a nasty liberal loudmouth a good lesson.

Now that President Donald Trump has hit some speed bumps in his first year in office, it has become trendy even among conservatives to bash Trump. Thankfully, there are also no shortage of people who proudly stand by Trump and aren’t caving to liberal attacks or fickle trends.

During a recent broadcast on the Fox Business Network, anchor Dagen McDowell attempted to pin current fractiousness among Republican lawmakers on the president. She said, “You talk about eating each other? The problem is President Trump, when he was running for the nomination, he gobbled up Republicans right and left like M&M’s. Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Low-energy Jeb — he decimated, I mean he destroyed, the party and they resent it.”

Added co-host Gillian Turner, “Is it smart for the president, if you’re looking at strategy, is it smart for him to try and potentially throw Mitch McConnell under the bus?”

Pete Hegseth finally spoke out in support of President, saying, “What doesn’t help is when you have senators like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski who run against Obamacare and then they vote with Democrats.”

 He added, “There are the ones shooting inside the tent. This president wants to do all the things they said they wanted to do on the campaign trail — yet because he is a little bit different, he’s outside the box, he speaks differently, they can’t get behind him?” Are you glad Pete said this? Watch below:

Donald Trump has a strong support in the media. Maybe the liberal ‘news mercenaries’ outnumber the conservatives, but they ALWAYS lose in debates. They are really stupid and their narrative also comes from the ‘matrix’. They are pathetic and WEAK.

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