Sеcrеt Sеrvicе Оn HIGH Аlеrt Аftеr Sеаn Hаnnity Еxpоsеd Hоrrifying Plаn Оf Тrump Аssаssinаtion

It is known for a fact that when it comes to condoning violence over government officials, there are no better people for the job than the liberals themselves, as we’ve seen a number of times till now, liberals such as Jim Carrey, Rosie O’Donnel, Johnny Depp, Kathy Griffin, and others, calling for violence over the president in one way or another, but fortunately, there are still loyal Trump supporters from the media industry such as Sean Hannity, which are always there to have his back.

But there are others who tend to take things very personally, skipping the indirect calling for violence and calling straight for the assassination of President Donald Trump. That was the case with a Twitter user Lorie Wise who posted several tweets calling for the death of the president, but quickly changed her mind when exposed by Hannity.

The Twitter user deleted her posts, but not before she had been exposed by Fox News host Sean Hannity, with a fresh round of pictures capturing her humiliating tweets:

It seems ironic that the liberals try so desperately to put the blame of ‘hate speech’ and ‘condoning violence’ on Trump and his administration, when they are the ones publicly speaking their fantasies and encouraging people to do violent acts.

For example, we can take the GOP shooting which took place not long ago, hospitalizing several lawmakers, which was initially started by a Democratic supporter.

The sooner the Secret Service pays a visit to this crazed liberal, the better and safer we will all be!