THANK GOD: After So Many Attacks On Trump, He Just Hired A Marine For The Ultimate Job

President Donald Trump has had a lot of nut jobs threatening his life ever since he took office. There have been people jumping the White House Fence, driving cars into it, stealing guns to attack him, and many other bad things.

Sadly, the Secret Service has NOT been doing their job very well. That’s why Trump did the only sensible thing…Call in the Marines!

According to Politico, Trump is about to hire retired Marine Major Gen. Randolph Alles to take over the Secret Service.

Alles is extremely qualified for the job. Besides serving 35 years in the US Marines, he currently works as acting deputy commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Maj. Gen. Alles will be replacing Joe Clancy, Obama’s pick to head the Secret Service who has done an absolutely HORRIBLE job his entire time in the office.

Just last month, under Clancy’s watch, one attacker jumped the White House fence and ran around for 17 minutes before the Secret Service caught him! That’s so bad…

I think an accomplished Marine like Randolph Alles is a GREAT pick for this job. The number one concern here is the safety of the President, so whoever can do it is who we need.

If you think Trump is smart to surround himself with Marines, then Share this with your family & friends and let them know. God bless President Donald Trump and his entire family.